4 Schools but 1 Focus

We are one learning community on many sites and we are all responsible for the core accountability of our children's outcomes. As individuals, we each play a role in ensuring that our children are ready to face the next stage of their learning when they leave us at the end of KS2, but how can we ensure that we are providing the best teaching and learning experiences that guarantee those outcomes are met? In conjunction with Mike Walsh, Headteacher of Kelvedon St Mary's Primary School, Claire Russell devised a walking 'treasure hunt' style activity around famous landmarks within walking distance of Liverpool Street Station. The task was presented to staff a few weeks before the event, where they were each given £30 for their transport and food needs and told only the names of their other team members and to be at Broadgate Cirle at 10.45am on the 30th October. Each team consisted of teachers from different year groups and different schools.

On arrival at Broadgate Circle, the teams were each given a set of different clues to find answers to from around some familiar and not so familiar London landmarks. They visited places such as Spitalfields, The Museum of London, The Globe, Leadenhall Market, The Golden Hinde and Guildhall Gallery. Each of the answers to the clues represented a puzzle piece which made up the background, personality and characteristics of a child. Once the teams had collected all their answers, they met again to be given the third task of mixing up their answers and having to give a presentation on their newly formed child around the theme of 'What contributions do each of us need to make to ensure that this child leaves our school prepared to tackle their future successfully?'

They made their presentations in the Church Rooms of St Botolph-Without-Bishopgate, near to Liverpool Street Station, and presented to all the other teams. During their presentations they also reflected on not only what actions they could each take to ensure their child was successful, but also, on what they had learnt during the activity about how we could achieve this as a school. The staff reflected on the value of collaboration in solving problems; on the use of a rich and broad curriculum for inspiring children as they had been inspired during their visits to the various locations on their treasure hunt; on the importance of ensuring that we each play our part where some teams had missing answers and therefore an incomplete picture of the child; on how important it is to know each of our children as individuals and the backgrounds and interests they may have; and also on the importance of good time keeping and pace! 

Overall, the staff found the experience not only to be innovative but also useful in rekindling their passion and creativity in delivering outstanding teaching and learning in the classroom.